Alexis Aspée – Professeur Invité

09 March 2020

Dr. Aspée is Full Professor of the Faculty of Chemistry and Biology, Universidad de Santiago de Chile. He obtained his Doctor degree in Chemistry in the Universidad de Santiago de Chile, and his Postdoct in the University of Ottawa in Canada. The research of Dr. Aspée has been focused on the evaluation of oxidative damage induced by reactive oxygen species (ROS) in biological systems, and the development of new tools and strategies to pinpoint the free radical processes affecting a biological system. These studies include free radical processes and mechanisms of amino acid and protein oxidation, such as spontaneous weak level chemiluminescence, and the use of nitroxide pre-fluorescent probes to monitor free radical formation and also for evaluating polyphenolic antioxidants in hydrogen and/or electron transfer-based reactions towards nitroxides. These methodologies have allowed to understand better antioxidant and free radical oxidation mechanisms in complex systems in concomitance with the use of time resolved techniques to monitor transient and free radical formation photoinduced by laser excitation of molecular probes and their reaction with proteins. Recently, his studies have been extended for studying electron transfer processes involved in protein and peptide oxidations. Dr. Aspée has been Invited Professor in the University of Ottawa-Canada, CSIC in Madrid-Spain, and UNSE in Argentina. At the moment he has 60 publications and has been Principal Investigator from several institutions including Fundación Andes and CONICYT-FONDECYT in Chile. Dr. Aspée, is also Vice dean of the Research and Graduate Studies, Faculty of Chemistry and Biology, Universidad de Santiago de Chile.


Alexis Aspée sera l’invité du Département de Chimie du 4 au 29 mai 2020.