What’s New?

-April 2021: Emilie Mathieu, who defended her PhD in 2017, has been ranked 3rd on the list (admissibilité) for a CNRS Chargé de Recherche position to work with Christelle Hureau, LCC, Toulouse. CONGRATULATIONS!

– January 2021: Congratulations to Paul Rochette that has obtained a fellowship through the PSL graduated program to join us for a M2 internship!

-January 2020: we welcome Janet Morrow as an invited professor

-May 2018: we welcome Dani Gibson as an invited professor.

-June 2017: installation of the IR-microscope.

-May 2017: we welcome Rachel Austin as an invited professor.

Students’ Awards

Congratulation to all of you!

-FrenchBIC 2020: Gabrielle Schanne was awarded the best poster prize

-Summer school metals in biology (metbio): Martha Zoumpoulaki was awarded the best poster prize

-Journées de la montagne Sainte-Geneviève 2019: Amandine Vincent was awarded the best communication prize

-ISABC 2017 (June): Emilie Mathieu was awarded the prize of the Inorganics best Poster Award at the International Symposium in Bioinorganic Chemistry 2017.

-Emilie Mathieu was awarded a fellowship for an international collaboration by the FrenchBIC.

-Sylvain Clède, winner of the prize for the Best Student Poster at the 2012 SOLEIL Users’ Meeting.
interview: http://www.synchrotronsoleil.fr/portal/page/portal/Soleil/ToutesActualites/2012/SUM2012

-Sylvain Clède, winner of the Prix de thèse 2014 de la Division Chimie-Physique de la Société Chimique de France.