Integrated and diffusion-based micro-injectors for open access cell assays

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TitreIntegrated and diffusion-based micro-injectors for open access cell assays
Type de publicationJournal Article
Nouvelles publications2011
AuteursXin Li, Li Liu, Li Wang, Ken-ichiro Kamei, Qinghua Yuan, Fan Zhang, Jian Shi, Akihiro Kusumi, Min Xie, Zhao Z, Chen Y
JournalLab on a Chip

Currently, most microfluidic devices are fabricated with embedded micro-channels and other elements in a close form with outward connections. Although much functionality has been demonstrated and a large number of applications have been developed, they are not easy for routine operation in biology laboratories where most in vitro cell processing still relies on the use of culture dishes, glass slides, multi-well plates, tubes, pipettes, etc. We report here an open access device which consists of an array of isolated micro-channels plated on a large culture surface, each of them having tiny nozzles for localized drug delivery. In a diffusion dominant regime, steady gradients of molecule concentration could be obtained and varied by changing the flow rate inside the micro-channels. As assay examples, cell staining and drug-induced cell apoptosis were demonstrated, showing fast cell responses in close proximity of the nozzles.

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UMR 8640