Photoinduced pH drops in water

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TitrePhotoinduced pH drops in water
Type de publicationJournal Article
Nouvelles publications2011
AuteursEmond, M, Sun J, Gregoire J, Maurin S, Tribet C, Jullien L
JournalPhysical Chemistry Chemical Physics

A 2-hydroxyazobenzene platform has been evaluated to photorelease protons in aqueous solutions. Three different systems relying on molecular, supramolecular and polymeric strategies have been investigated in order to tune the water solubility and the thermodynamic and kinetic properties. This paper first reports on the syntheses and the physico chemical analyses for each system. Subsequently, we show that the three strategies are appropriate to reversibly photo-generate tunable pH drops in water up to one pH unit amplitude and at the 10-100 s timescale, upon transient illumination at 365 nm.

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UMR 8640