Programmable on-chip DNA compartments

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The assembly of man-made cellular compartments capable of executing DNA programs has been an important goal for basic research and technology. We assemble 2D DNA compartments fabricated in silicon as ‘artificial cells’ capable of metabolism, programmable protein synthesis, and communication. We programmed gene expression cycles in separate compartments, as well as protein synthesis fronts propagating in a coupled 1D system of compartments. Gene expression in the DNA compartments reveals a rich, dynamic system that is controlled by geometry. The organization of macromolecules in the compartment suggests conditions for controlled synthesis and assembly of biological machines. This puts forth a man-made biological system with programmable information processing from the gene to a compartment, and up to the multi-compartment scale.



Department of Chemistry of ENS, room E012

Vendredi 19 Mai 2017 11:00
Prof. BAR-ZIV Roy
Weizmann Institute
Séminaire du département
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UMR 8640
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