UMR 8640 : Chimie Biophysique

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Photochemical properties of Spinach and its use in selective imaging

We propose a dynamic model that accounts for the photochemical behavior of the Spinach system, a recently described fluorescent probe for RNA imaging. We exploit the dynamic fluorogen exchange and the unprecedented photoconversion properties in a non-covalent fluorescence turn-on system to significantly improve signal-to-background ratio during long-term microscopy imaging.

Spatiotemporal control of microtubule nucleation and assembly using magnetic nanoparticles

Cell fate decisions and cellular functions are dictated by the spatiotemporal dynamics of molecular signaling networks. However, the techniques available to examine the spatiotemporal properties of these intracellular processes remain limited. Here we report a method to artificially control in space and time such signaling pathways using magnetic nanoparticles conjugated to key regulatory proteins.

Energy propagation throughout a protometabolism leading to the local emergence of singular stationary concentration profiles.

Living systems rely on chains of energy transfer to maintain their metabolism from an energy source. This task requires functionally-identified components and organizations. However propagation of a sustained energy flux throughout a cascade of reaction cycles has never been reproduced at steady-state in a simple chemical system.

Subcellular Imaging in the mid-IR of a Metal-Carbonyl Moiety using Photothermal Induced Resonance

Imager des molécules dans des cellules est un enjeu contemporain : il faut détecter de petites quantités dans de petits volumes et donc conjuguer haute sensibilité et haute résolution !