Hyperpolarization by dissolution dynamic nuclear polarization

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Hyperpolarization by dissolution dynamic nuclear polarization (d-DNP) has become a popular method for boosting sensitivity in magnetic resonance experiments. In this presentation, we describe the design and performance of a new low-cost polarizer. It is based on a cryogen-free magnet which can be ramped up to B = 9.4 T, equipped with a Variable Temperature Insert (VTI) operating down to T = 1.5 K and a 263 GHz VDI microwave source. Our system also features a home-designed DNP probe that includes two RF channels for cross-polarization (CP), plus microwave frequency modulation around 263.0 GHz and microwave gating. The design eliminates running costs associated with liquid helium consumption, in a format accessible to the spectroscopic community and readily adaptable to preclinical applications. In preliminary experiments, we obtained a proton polarization P = 63 % in a build-up time τ(DNP) < 2 minutes. Initial carbon-13 cross-polarization experiments were explored at 1.5 K and 9.4 T with a variety of nitroxide radicals. 

UPMC salle 23-13-111

Mardi 30 Mai 2017 12:30
Dr. BAUDIN Mathieu
Séminaire Thématique
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UMR 7203
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