To overcome the effects of static field inhomogeneities

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To overcome the effects of static field inhomogeneities, single-scan hybrid imaging techniques that use k-space encoding in one direction and spatial encoding in the other have been shown to be superior to traditional imaging techniques based on full k-space encoding. Like traditional imaging methods, hybrid methods can be implemented in different ways that favor different sources of contrast. So far, little attention appears to have been paid to these aspects. By modifying an established hybrid imaging sequence called Rapid Acquisition by Sequential Excitation and Refocusing (RASER) so as to obtain Echo-Shifted RASER sequences, we show that by shifting spin echoes one can tune the contrast due to inhomogeneous T2 decay, regardless of homogenous T2 relaxation.

UPMC salle 22-23-401

Mardi 23 Mai 2017 12:30
Séminaire Thématique
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UMR 7203
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