Peptide-directed synthesis and assembly of complex nanoparticle superstructures

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In nanoscience, nanoparticles are fundamental structural and functional building blocks. Theoretical predictions and experiments indicate that the precise assembly of nanoparticles into structurally well-defined nanoparticle superstructures results in materials with interesting and useful properties that depend on the spatial arrangement of nanoparticles within the superstructures. Nanoparticle superstructures are predicted to have applications ranging from chemical and biological sensors to optical ‘metamaterials’ that manipulate light in unusual and useful ways.


This presentation will describe our research focused on the development of new peptide-based strategies for assembling nanoparticles into ordered nanoparticle superstructures. It will introduce a new class of highly tunable peptide conjugate molecules that are used to i) direct nanoparticle assembly; ii) control the morphology of the assembly; and iii) control the structural metrics of the assembly. Most of the talk will focus on the synthesis, structure, properties, and potential applications of two particular nanoparticle assemblies, ‘gold nanoparticle double helices’ and ‘gold nanoparticle hollow spheres’ (see figure).



salle E012  (ENS - 24 rue Lhomond - 7500 PARIS)

Mercredi 31 Mai 2017 14:30
Prof. ROSI Nathaniel
University of Pittsburgh
Séminaire Thématique
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UMR 7203
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Equipe 2